Religious and heritage

  • Come to Strumica to touch the walls of the "Tzar’s Towers" which hide 7000 year long history.
  • Come to Strumica to see the different layers of the persistence of Strumica throughout centuries at the site "Orta Mosque."
  • Come to Strumica to visit the Roman Bath in Bansko, one of the best preserved Roman monuments of its kind in Europe.
  • Come to Strumica to step over the threshold of the church of "St Cyril and Methodius" in which Orthodox Christians from Strumica have prayed to the Lord for over 100 years.
  • Come to Strumica to see the cultural place of Strumica hikers and Christian believers – the Monastery of "St Elijah”.
  • Come to Strumica to pay homage to the Holy Fifteen Hieromartyrs of Tiberiopolis - protectors of Strumica, who spread Christianity in the region less than 17 centuries ago.
  • Come to Strumica to visit the complex of churches “St Leontius” built in the period from V to XII century where the seat of the bishops was.
  • Come to Strumica to see the beauty of the architecture of the Monastery of “Mother of God Eleusa" in Veljusa, with its rare fresco paintings and the most original cross in the world.
  • Come to Strumica to feel the ambience of many centuries of cultural heritage in this area, in the monastery church of “St. Forty Martyrs of Sebaste” in Bansko.