Festivals and events

Come to Strumica if you respect culture and cultural events

Strumica is the center of culture in Eastern Macedonia and one of the biggest centers in the country. The main feature of Strumica cultural life are the traditional cultural events out of which as many as six are international.

  • Come to Strumica to make sure Strumica Carnival is not accidentally chosen as one of the twenty best street carnivals in the world.
  • Come to Strumica to view the artistic mastery of artists from around the world at the "International Strumica Art Colony" which is the oldest in Macedonia.
  • Come in Strumica to attend the International Festival of chamber theater "Risto Shishkov" which is the only festival in Macedonia dedicated to actors.
  • Come to Strumica to laugh at the humorous works of cartoonists and aphorists on the topic carnival and erotica at the festival of aphorism and caricature.
  • Come to Strumica to feel the magic of short fiction, documentary and animated film at the International Film Festival "AsterFest".
  • Come to Strumica to see the fusion of culture and fun of "Strumica Open Fest" that meets the needs of people with different tastes and of different generations.
  • Come to Strumica if you like traditional music at the Festival of Traditional Folk Songs and Serenades "Under the towers of Strumica."
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