About the Project

Project’s key information

Project title: “Developing Alternative Tourism Aspects”


Duration: 07.12.2012 - 06.10.2014 (21 months)

Priority Axis 1: Enhancement of cross-border economic development

Measure 1.3: Promote sustainable tourism

Project partners:

  • Region of Western Macedonia – Florina, Greece (Lead Partner)
  • Municipality of Strumica, Republic of Macedonia (Project Partner 2)

Total Budget: 340,060.00 euro

Budget per partners:

Municipality of Strumica – 134,160.00 euro

Region of Western Macedonia (Florina) – 205,900.00 euro

Basis for preparation of the project
  • The project idea emerged from the new perspectives for development of alternative tourism aspects and its impact on the economic development. The preparation of the project was encouraged by the fact that the development of alternative tourism will create an opportunity for greater cross-border cooperation.
  • The development of alternative tourism is an imperative for the region because it is necessary to improve and develop the tourism, and also to increase the average length of the stay of tourists in the region.
Objectives of the project

General objective of the project is to promote the cross-border region Strumica – Florina as an ideal destination for alternative tourism.

Specific objectives of the project are:

  • To remove the seasonal and the one-dimensional tourism, through redefining and upgrading tourism product.
  • Identification and determination of the tourist capacity for each tourist region, which constitutes basic tool for tourist development.
  • Creation of specific tourist infrastructures, maintenance of walk paths, mapping and singing as well as on presenting and promoting the cultural and ecological features of each place, which constitute important conditions for the growth of alternative types of tourism.
Target groups
  • The population of Strumica and the region;
  • The population of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • The population of the cross – border region and
  • Foreign tourists interested in alternative tourism opportunities.
Achieved results (Municipality of Strumica)
  • 4meetingswere heldbetweenthe joint projectteamfrom StrumicaandFlorina.
  • An informationevent was held for promotion ofthe project.
  • More trainings for project management were delivered to the team responsible for the project implementation and other stakeholders.
  • Prepared, designed,printedanddistributedpromotionalmaterials.
  • Promotionof the project inlocalandnational media.
  • Study for assessment of the current state of the tourism – catering industry sector in the Municipality of Strumica prepared.
  • 25 walking trails for alternative tourism in the territory of the Municipality of Strumica were identified,categorizedandmapped intotal lengthof 112kilometers.
  • Criteriaforcategorizationof walking trails were established:
    • I category – 1 trail
    • II category – 16 trails
    • III category – 3 trails
    • IV category – 2 trails
    • V category – 3 trails.
  • A walking (TRIM) trail equipped with benches, lampposts and other urban equipment was constructed, with the length of 700 m and 2 m width, which leads to all the cultural - historical facilities in the township of Bansko.
  • 3Danimation​​forpresentationof the20mappedtrails was created.
  • A tourist signalization was placed (54 signs with reporting and directional information, 16 signposts and 6 information boards).
  • Activities for cleaning and arrangement on part of the mapped trails were conducted.
  • A documentary movie (“Come to Strumica”) in HD resolution for the promotion of the tourism potentials of the Municipality of Strumica prepared.

A complete virtual system for promotion of the tourism in the Municipality of Strumica created (specialized Web portal for tourism (www.come2strumica.mk) with 200 photographs, 15 panoramic photographs into 360 degrees, GPS tracking of walking trails, etc.).