Loven Dom 2


The walking trail starts at the area of “Loven Dom” above the city of Strumica, and ends at“Tzar’s Towers”, situated at an altitude of 445 metres, which offers view over the complete territory of Strumica valley.

The first part of the trail begins at the area of “Loven Dom” and passes through the fountain “Healing Water”.This part of the trail is relatively flat, with tamped trim trail, and a place for exercise on both sides, as well as benches for sitting.

The trail is signalised, and is suitable for walking and cycling. This section offers a panoramic view of the city of Strumica. The second part of the trail is different, and the walking here is along a very narrow forest trail. There is short stemmed flora on both sides of the walking trail, and the upper parts are overgrown with deciduous trees.

The trail leads to the fortress “Tzar’s Towers”, and to the medieval church of “Saint George” dating from the 12th and 13th century. This part of the trail is steep, and covered with stone stairs. Nonetheless, the walking trail is still in a fairly good condition for walking, primarily for nature lovers, especially during the summer period. It is also ideal for professional extreme climbing.

This trail offers an opportunity for circular movements, with possibility to return to the starting point by the same trail, or take other narrow trails, where by descendingone can reach the same starting place, of “Loven Dom”.

  • Flora and fauna:

The walking trail has diverse flora throughout the year. Deciduous trees include: betuala alba – birch; tilia sp. – linden; acer sp. – maple, etc. Most prevalent evergreen trees are: cuperessus sp. – cypress; pinus sp. – pine; thuja sp – thuja; juniperus sp. - juniper. In the trail’s vicinity, there is a number of short stemmed plants such as, currants, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, rosa canina (dog rose), etc. There are also several varieties of tea, as well as mushrooms, including: chanterelles - cantharellus, champignon- agaricus bisporus, parasol mushroom - Macrolepiota procera, etc.

The richness and heterogeneity of types of eco-systems found here are result of the favourable climate and specific geographic location.

Fauna that can be spotted on the trail include: rabbits, wild boar, wolves, and foxes. Among the birds that can be seen are: nightingales, pheasants, partridges, eagles, and falcons.

  • Additional opportunities for using the trail (eco-tourism, hiking and jogging, mountain biking, alpinism).

TRACK TYPE: Ground / Asphalt