Fast facts

First city foundation is documented in the year 181 under the name Astraion . The Municipality of Strumica is located at 41º 19’ to 41º 30’ northern latitude and 22º 28’ to 22º 49’ eastern longitude. Strumica is located at a distance of 22 kilometres from the border with Bulgaria.

322 km² Land area

Located in the southeastern part of Macedonia.

54.636 Inhabitants

According to census from 2002.

Mediterenian climate

2/3 of the days in the year the temperature is above 10ºC

256 m Elevation

Settled between three mountains and four rivers.

Sunny days

230 days, or 2370 hours annually.


Average rainfall is 600 l/m³


Mostly northwesterly and southwesterly


Central European Time + 1 hour