Gabrovo waterfalls

In the immediate vicinity of Koleshino and Smolari Waterfall, in the bosom of the Belasica Mountain, hidden from the eyes of public the Gabrovo Waterfalls are situated. Their location is right beyond the village of Gabarovo, after which they got their name. At a distance of one kilometre there are three smaller waterfalls, between 4 and 8 metres high, and their pure ice-cold water runs between thick and branched beeches. The water stream of the highest waterfall breaks into the middle one, and the latter into the smallest one, thus all together flow past the last house of the village. The very breaking and falling from one to the other waterfall is something that makes them interesting and different from the two well-known waterfalls in this place.

Rare visitors that have heard of this natural beauty come here, but those most skilled and bravest can climb up the narrow and sheer goat paths, which intertwine the Belasica Mountain. In this intact idyll only the whispering of the water and the songs of the birds can be heard. The waterfalls are so majestic and mysterious that you get the impression they dictate life in the mountains.

The access to the waterfalls is easy, the surrounding area is well arranged with accessible paths, benches and gazebos.

The Gabrovo Waterfalls are really beautiful, the water is very clear and the landscape around them is wonderful. This natural rarity becomes a more frequent destination for domestic as well as for foreign tourists (mostly from the Netherlands and Belgium). The local inhabitants, well known for their hospitability, also make effort to increase the number of tourists and for them they prepare traditional dishes typical for this area.