About Strumica

The Municipality of Strumica possesses material and spiritual remains, created in different times, ranging from the prehistoric times, throughout ancient and Byzantine-Slavonic times, throughout the Turkish period, which in line with the international and global trends, offer serious possibilities for development of tourism as a particular phenomenon of contemporary pulsation.

The Town of Strumica is located in the south-east part of the Republic of Macedonia, in the Strumica Valley, which stretches at the average altitude of 239 metres, with a fertile wide field, long warm summers with 230 sunny days and sunshine which lasts for 2377 hours a year, surrounded by a chain of majestic mountains: Belasica, Ogražden and Elenica.

With a clear and purified creative mind and original tourist concept, the town of Strumica proudly stretches out a hand to every tourist and introduces him to the colourful spiritual and enchanting tourist sight, because the return to nature and the contact with one’s own roots are pleasures that a modern tourist seeks more and more often.

On a bright day, under the “Towers of Strumica”, on the ground, next to a tree, a travel writer was sitting and word by word, so easily, neatly and aloud was writing the history of Strumica, with thousands of stars …

The original music and the folklore, the folk costume wrapped in a national dance, the resounding choir voices, the instrumental and singing nostalgia of Strumica, the mysterious shaking of the planks, the Strumica Carnivals, gathered all together, diffuse the heavily roaring applause which can be heard to infinity.

In the “Streets of Strumica” one should smell the scent and feel the tranquility of the Church of “St Cyril and Methodius”, one should see the great works of the old builders, the fresco painters and wood carvers in the church of “Fifteen Holy Hieromartyrs of Tiberiopolis”, but also the remains of the Hellenic, the Roman, the Late Ancient and the Medieval Period in the “Orta Mosque”.

Let us take a walk through the heavenly beauties and the green and lush path from “Loven Dom” to “St Elijah” let us drink from the cold water of the fountains “Lekovita Cheshma”, “Ergenska Cheshma”, and from the well “Momin Bunar”, and we shall reach the hill of archeological treasury from the centuries before our time at the fortress of “Tzar’s Towers”.

We shall stop at the most remarkable architecture, frescos and mosaic in the monastery church of “St Leontius” in the village of Vodocha and the monastery church “St Mother Eleusa” in the village of Veljusa.

Let us step down the long path in Strumica, and so, word by word, we shall tell stories in the big tourist book, entitled: “Write It Down For The Stars”, which is worth seeing and carefully browsing, page by page, on the arrival in the Town of Strumica.

Every well-intentioned visitor cannot stay indifferent to this marvelous beauty, so, after a long journey, he will sit on the large town square of “Goce Delchev” in Strumica and with outstretched arms will breath in the calm air, will have a chat over bread from the oven, wonderful dishes of pork and lamb, refreshing stew, ajvar, pindzur, watermelon jam, and raising a glass of wine he will make a toast about his return to this lavish, hospitable, cheerful and smiling spirit of the Town of Strumica.

The Town of Strumica, enriches its tourist offer through concrete measures and projects day by day, and in future it will write unforgettable tourist lines, verses, and rhymes, towards the promotion of the Town of Strumica as an attractive tourist destination in the country and abroad.