Food and beverages

Come to Strumica if you respect the authenticity of the traditional good bite and good sip

The centuries-long existence of Strumica and its location as a crossroad of many civilizations and conquerors, contributed to the creation of an authentic gastronomic image that is a feature of culture of living of Strumica.

It is said that people have always eaten and drunk well in Strumica, thanks to the traditional food supplies from their own area, as well as by giving their own mark to the specialties from some other neighboring cuisines. So, at the Strumica daily meal table today one can find:

  • Salad: tomatoes, peppers, onions and cucumber;
  • Supplements: Strumica ajvar, malidzano, pindzur, lutenica;
  • Starters: letna mandza, fried peppers with curd cheese;
  • Main dishes: Aman balajdi, stuffed peppers, turli tava, chalbur, stuffed zucchini, stuffed white beans … etc.;
  • Dessert: halva, zerde, baklava, tatlija, ravanlija … etc.;
  • Pasta: boden dedo, zelnik, prosenik, pinerlii ... etc.;
  • Beverages: strumka, rakija (brandy), mastika, wine, boza ... etc.

The diversity of colours on the table, the alluring scent and irresistible taste of the dishes of Strumica kitchen are a story for itself. All this should be tasted, seen and experienced. The impression is especially strong if sounds of a beautiful song of Strumica town are coming from nearby.