Bansko 1

Trim trail – village of BANSKO

The trim trail above the village of Bansko, with total length of about 750 m, and width of 2 m stretches to the hotel “Tzar Samuil”, connecting in circle the most important cultural - historical and tourist landmarks in the village of Bansko.

The trim trail is a modern, paved with concrete tiles, equipped with devices for recreation and exercise, and 30 benches on both sides of the trail for rest of those exercising. The trail is also lit with 40 candelabras.

The walking trail is designed for all categories of visitors who want to take a walk by the beautiful nature of the village 'Bansko', and visit the archaeological sites and cultural - historic monuments, and also to feel the fresh air of Belasica Mountain.

There is an excellent opportunity for landscape photography of Bansko, and the whole Strumica valley. The walking trail is fully penetrable, and after the tamped part it continues upwards, by dirt road on Belasica Mountain.

  • Flora and fauna:

The walking trail has diverse flora, fungi, and fauna. The richness and heterogeneity of types of eco-systems found here are the result of a favourable climate and specific geographic location.

The grass flora is rich and allows collecting of diverse types of flowers, tea, and fruits. The lower parts of the trail are prevalent with deciduous trees including: betuala alba – birch; tilia sp. – linden; acer sp. – maple. The evergreens, present in the upper parts include: pinus sp. – pine; juniperus sp. – juniper; and thuja sp. - thuja.

There is also short stemmed forest including: raspberries, blackberries, currants, blueberries, dog rose. There are also different types of mushrooms: chanterelles – cantharellus; champignon- agaricus bisporus and parasol mushroom - Macrolepiota procera.

Fauna that can be spotted on the trail include: rabbits, wild boar, wolves and foxes. Among the birds that can be seen are: nightingales, pheasants, partridges, eagles and falcons, and there are also various kinds of insects.

  • Additional opportunities for using the trail (eco-tourism, rural tourism, archaeological tourism, thermal tourism, walking and jogging, mountain biking, herbal tourism).

TRACK TYPE: Concrete paver