Veljusa 2

Walking trail - village of VELJUSA - ROCK ISKAZNIK - FOUNTAIN ISKAZNIK - village of VODOCHA

The walking trail is of great importance because it starts at “Holy mother of God Eleusa” monastery in Veljusa, and continues to the complex of Vodocha Churches “​​St. Leontius”, in the village of Vodocha.

As the trail starts at this area, it offers an excellent opportunity to visit the “Holy mother of God Eleusa” monastery which is one of the most important places for the church, and cultural history of the Republic of Macedonia. This part of the trail is completely penetrable, and abounds with rich nature, splendid relief, and pleasant air.

With a smooth climb up, the trail continues to the area called “Iskaznik”. In the trail’s vicinity up to the village of Veljusa there is diverse deciduous, and softwood forest. Among the deciduous trees most prevalent are: birch, linden, and maple, and among the evergreens: the pine, juniper, and thuja. The diverse grass flora and different types of plants offer opportunities to observe, and collect flowers, and tea. The place is rich in many different types of mushrooms, including: chanterelles, champignon and parasol mushroom.

Fauna can be also spotted along the trail including: wild rabbits, wolves, foxes, and wild boars. Most prevalent birds are: nightingales, pheasants, partridges, eagles and falcons, as well as different types of insects.

There are many goat and hunting trails, used by the hunters and the mountaineering organizations in the municipality of Strumica. A known place for climbing is the big rock known as “Iskaznik”. This place is convenient for visitors with good physical condition, and professional climbers, and lovers of rock-climbing. The trail is designed for rest, recreational, relaxation, research, and educational purposes.

The trail continues downwards, and passes through small area with hazelnut trees, and further down there are also cherry trees. Further on the trail continues to the complex Vodocha churches “​​St. Leontius” in the village of Vodocha, whose mountain setting enhances its beauty, and makes the church look different in every season of the year.

  • Flora and fauna:

The walking trail is abundant with diverse flora, fungi, and fauna. The lower parts of the trail are prevalent with deciduous trees including: betuala alba – birch; tilia sp. – linden; acer sp. – maple. The evergreens, present in the upper parts include: pinus sp. – pine; juniperus sp. – juniper; and thuja sp. - thuja. The surrounding of the trail is predominantly overgrown with short stemmed forest including: raspberries, blackberries, currants, blueberries, dog rose. There are also different types of mushrooms: chanterelles – cantharellus; champignon- agaricus bisporus and parasol mushroom - Macrolepiota procera.

The grass flora is rich and allows collecting of diverse types of flowers, tea, and fruits. Fauna that can be spotted on the trail include: rabbits, wild boar, wolves and foxes. Among the birds that can be seen are: nightingales, pheasants, partridges, eagles and falcons, and there are also various kinds of insects.

  • Additional opportunities for using the trail (eco-tourism, rural tourism, herbal tourism, archaeological tourism, rural and agro- tourism, hunting tourism, walking and jogging, mountain biking, quadracycling, alpinism).