Sport and Recreation

Come to Strumica if you are a pilgrim of sports and recreation

Strumica is one of the towns with the richest sporting tradition in Macedonia and therefore the epithet “the town of sports”. In the 23 - year period of independence of the country the team sports of Strumica have been holders of five championship titles, and a significant number of athletes of this town have made ​​a successful international career. A hundred year of sports history of Strumica has been cherished to this day, to which the numerous sports - recreational facilities and grounds and the large number of citizens (mostly young) engaged in sports and recreation bear witness.

Twenty categorized and mapped trails for alternative tourism with a total length of 112.27 km are included in the sports - recreational resources of Strumica. Besides walking, nine of them can be used for cycling, and the remaining 11 for mountain motorcycling, quadricycle ATV, and mountain hiking. 70 signs and signposts and 6 information boards are placed along these trails.

In addition, part of the network of cycling trails “Euro Velo” is projected through Strumica, which will link together and unite the entire European continent, a part of which will be trail number 13 entitled “Trail of the Iron Curtain”. The trail that should be completed in 2020 will be an additional potential for the development of sports, recreation and alternative tourism in the Municipality of Strumica.

Numerous sports grounds and facilities are part of the sports - recreational resources of Strumica, among which the following are worth highlighting: City Stadium “Mladost” with a capacity of 6000 seats, which has all the conditions for football and athletic competitions; Sports Hall “Park” with a capacity of 2300 seats, designed for small sports such as handball, basketball, volleyball … etc., the club hall for gymnastic sports “Partizan” with a capacity of 300 seats in which competitions in gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, kick - boxing and other sports take place; the pools in “Aquarius” and “Dom na ARM” Strumica, a 300 meter long kart trail, and others. A mini golf course “driving range”, a sports center “Pandev”, and a football pitch with artificial turf are in the construction phase and the construction of a new city pool is also expected to start.

Due to the high sport rating that the municipality has on national and international level, Strumica has hosted five European championships in Youth categories, four in basketball and one in sports orientation, in the last four years.

The Municipality of Strumica occurs as a sponsor or co-organizer of all those and other sports events.