Loven Dom 1


The Modern trim walking trail, which starts at the area of “Loven Dom” above the city, leads to Strumica’s famous picnic spot, the monastery “Saint Elijah”. The natural beauty, clean environment, and favourable climate are the main preconditions for the trail’s large number of visitors, who come from both Strumica and its surroundings and abroad.

If we start from the area of “Loven Dom” and move along the walking trail, we reach the fountain“Healing Water”. The bench next to the fountain is constantly occupied by people enjoying the shade. Around the fountain are found diverse types of flora and fauna, and clean mountain air. The walking trail leads up some stone steps, passes through “Small Waterfall”, and crosses a small river.

The trail continues upwards towards “Saint Elijah”monastery, a spiritual treasure that dates from the 16th century, and is one of the major cultural-historical monuments in the municipality of Strumica. The trail is designed for cultural, scientific, research, educational, touristic and recreational purposes. Visitors can enjoy the clean mountain air, the abundance of natural beauty, and exceptionally valuable natural rarities.

The splendid beauty of the trail gives visitors a special view, interwoven with colour and diversity. It is a pictorial expression of the spirit and lifestyle of the people of Strumica.

  • Flora and fauna:

Along the trail, diverse flora can be found throughout the year. This includes deciduous trees: betuala alba – birch; tilia sp. – linden; and acer sp – maple. Most prevalent among the evergreens are: cuperessus sp. – cypress; pinus sp. – pine, thuja sp. – thuja, juniperus sp. – juniper. In the trail’s vicinity, a number of short stemmed plants such as currants, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and rosa canina (dog rose) can be found. There are also several varieties of tea, as well as mushrooms including: chanterelles – cantharellus; champignon- agaricus bisporus and parasol mushroom - Macrolepiota procera.

The richness and heterogeneity of types of eco-systems found here are the result of a favourable climate and specific geographic location.

Fauna that can be spotted on the trail include: rabbits, wild boar, wolves and foxes. Among the birds that can be seen are: nightingales, pheasants, partridges, eagles and falcons.

  • Additional opportunities for using the trail (eco-tourism, hiking and jogging, mountain biking, herbal tourism).