Monument of Тzar Samuil - Strumica

On the occasion of thousand years from the battle of Belasica in 2014, the Macedonian sculptor Sinisha Novevski, participant in the International Art Colony in Strumica, among the series of portraits of the Macedonian remarkable persons, made a monument of Tzar Samuil of marble and clay, 100kg heavy. Following the thought of this being a renowned person from the Macedonian history, the sculptor wanted to stir the emotions of everyone. His power as a Tzar is symbolically represented through the luxurious crown with pearls. The sculptor puts a strong accent on his portrait, which evokes emotions of admiration in order to capture his greatness, power and grandeur. The whole sculpture suggests a visual thrill with its luxurious forms, which silently and irreducibly tell us who Tzar Samuil was for Macedonia. The composition with its monumentality talks about the great Tzar, about his heroic deeds, which leave a spiritual message for us, for his next generations, a message how to protect and love your people and country.