Shopping and fun

Come to Strumica, if you prefer shopping

Strumica from time immemorial has been known for its crafts and trade in this part of Macedonia and the Balkans. This tradition also persists today, and as a result, the town is a top shopping destination for many citizens of the southeast part of Macedonian and beyond, but also for the places bordering on Bulgaria and Greece.

True “Mecca” for passionate lovers of shopping is the mall “Global” which is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in the country, and with its 40,000 m2 area, one of the largest in the region. ,,Global” is original in its conceptual diversity, because on the ground floor the green market is located, and the four other floors contain a number of different goods stores, boutiques, bookstores, jewelry shops, perfume shops, cafés … etc. The mall has an excellent infrastructure with a multi-storey car par, which was first built in Macedonia.

Beside “Global”, in the central area of Strumica, there are many trade-catering, crafts and service facilities. Especially attractive for shopping tourists is the Old Bazaar which through its trading facilities offers a variety of locally produced products, and articles from around the world. Many of these products carry the mark of world-famous product brands.

Come to Strumica if you want entertainment and nightlife

Strumica is considered as a town with the richest and most diverse nightlife in Macedonia and as such is a real “Mecca” for the youth of the country. Numerous night pubs, nightclubs, cafés, bars and restaurants with their daily service, offer and programme content meet the tastes of different generations of visitors. At the weekends and mostly in summer locals organize special parties with special guest performances of famous singers and bands of various music genres, as well as entertainers, dancers and guests from the world of show business of Macedonia and abroad.