Movable cultural heritage

The rich cultural heritage, which has been collected from this region and beyond for years, is kept in several institutions which are involved in its processing, storage and presentation. They are primarily the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and Museum, Strumica, Gallery of Icons "St. Fifteen Hieromartyrs of Tiberiopolis", Archives and Art Gallery of the Center for Culture NI "Anton Panov” Strumica.

The movable cultural heritage consists of valuable artefacts originating from archaeological, historical and ethnological material, collected over the past 60 years.

It is primarily priceless artefacts that illustrate the rich cultural heritage of the region. We would especially highlight those findings which indicate continuity of spirituality ranging from prehistoric periods, ie, Neolithic, Eneolithic, through the Bronze Age, and the Ancient Macedonian - Hellenistic period, then the period of Roman rule, the period of the rise of Christianity, the Middle Ages, Revival and Ottoman period until modern times of the 20th century. All those items related to everyday life, hunting, war … etc, should not be neglected either. Objects that make up the ethnological and ethnographic materials and belong to the way of life in urban and rural regions should also be mentioned here. Some of them are associated with different ethnic communities who lived and still live in this area. We should also mention the specific items related to customs, old crafts workshops, a former way of processing land, household etc.

The archive stores important documents related to the history of Strumica and its region starting from the 19th century until today. In the Gallery of Icons significant icons of the Strumica Region are kept, among which the most important is that of the Merciful Mother of God of the 15th century. The Art Gallery holds valuable pieces of art created over the past 51 International Art Colony and manifold exhibitions of famous domestic and foreign artists.