Hunting and fishing

Come to Strumica If hunting and fishing is your passion

The Municipality of Strumica, with its mountainous landscapes, water resources and other natural beauties, is a real challenge for domestic and foreign tourists who are engaged in sports or recreational hunting and fishing. The surrounding mountains Belasica, Plavush, Elenica, are rich in diverse wildlife. In Strumica there are four hunting grounds with a total area of ​​35000 hectares, three of which are intended for big-game hunting and one for small game-hunting. The big-game includes the wild boar, the deer, the wolf, the fox, the marten, the wild cat, the rabbit and others, whereas the partridge, the wood pigeon, the pheasant, and other birds constitute the available small-game. The falcon, the hawk, the awl, the raven, and others are among the birds of prey present in this region. Beside these, there is a fenced hunting area of ​​150 acres which has the function of reproduction center for breeding of wild boars, deer and rabbits, and has a lodge for stay and leisure of tourists - hunters.

The artificial Vodocha Lake with an area of ​​100 hectares is appealing to hunters and anglers alike, as a habitat of many marsh birds and a variety of fish the most common of which are the carp, the rudd, and the belvica (Salmothymus Ohridanus).