Monument of the Revolution - Strumica

The monument of the Revolution – Strumica is located at the entrance of the town park and is dedicated to the fallen fighters in NOV in Strumica. It is a witness of the insubordination, the resistance for enslavery and the struggle for better tomorrow.

It is a work of the Academy artist Ilija Adjievski from Skopje.

This monument was unveiled in 1963 and it is composed of two elements. The first element a vertically placed marble column with engraved relief composition of figures of male, female and a child – a portrait of participants in the NOV. The second element is composed of two human figures made of aluminum. The two figures are contorted and represent fighters caught in the act of falling after shooting. There are also some other interpretations, that it is a comic presentation of one falling fighter in two frames.

It is not important whether this town is called Astraion, Tiberiopolis or Strumica, but what is important is that its citizens loved it unconditionally; they protected, built and rebuilt it. In that love, that the citizens of Strumica have towards their town, the respect for the numerous dates which witness the insubordination, resistance and the struggle for better tomorrow, is also embowered. One of these dates is 11 September, which we celebrate every year as a triumph of the liberated thought, as a day of liberation of Strumica and a day when we solemnly lay flowers on the monument of the Revolution for the fallen fighters in NOB.