Monument of the fallen defenders - Strumica

The monument of the fallen defenders in Strumica was built in 2007. It is dedicated to the two fallen defenders Atanas Janev and Koljo Kitanov from Strumica, who lost their lives in the conflict in Republic of Macedonia in 2001.

Author of this work is the Macedonian sculptor Dimitar Filipovski from Skopje, who descends from an old family from Skopje which casted sculptures made of bronze as a tradition since 1960. The work is made of bronze, 150cm high. The sculpture for the defenders from the Strumica region is a woman – butterfly, because the butterfly is a symbol of rebirth, of new life. Its visual value is very strong and full with messages. The focal point of the viewer is in the dynamic line of the woman, especially noticeable when seen in profile or from distance. It is actually a phoenix rising from the ashes and continues to live, and give respect towards the defenders Atanas Janev and Kole Kitanov.

On the base, there is a bronze plaque with inscription:

“In honour of Atanas Janev and Kole Kitanov
Defenders who loved their country”