Monument of the abducted Bey, Nazlam – Bey - Strumica

The monument is located on the grass surface in the City Park and is a composition of three sculptures made of concrete in life size. The figure of Goce Delchev dominates, after it dominates the revolutionary guerrilla and then the figure of Nazlam, the son of the Bey of Strumica. The three figures are placed on a plateau. The sculptor wanted to present symbolically the abduction of Nazlam bey, an event that took place in September 1897, during one of the stays of Goce Delchev in Strumica. Goce Delchev, Done Lazarov, Petre Konchaliev and other revolutionaries participated in the abduction. It is work of the Academy artist Boris Krstevski and is erected on the occasion 75 years from the Ilinden uprising, i.e. in 1987.