Monument “Macedonia” - Strumica

In the heart of the City Park of Strumica the monument “Macedonia” is placed, erected in honour of our fellow citizen, the tragically lost President of Republic of Macedonia, Boris Trajkovski. The artist of the sculpture is the famous Russian sculptor Grigorij Potocki. His work symbolizes the victory of Macedonia, of Trajkovski, and of the peace in Macedonia. Apart from the portrait of Trajkovski, the monument holds the Christian symbol the cross and the bay wreath, the symbol of peace, placed in the hand of the woman who represents Macedonia.

This artwork, according to the sculptor Grigorij Potocki, symbolizes the love of the tragically lost President Boris Trajkovski towards his country and Christianity. The same was made during the “International Art colony in Strumica - 2005”. On the marble plaque stands the famous saying of the President Boris Trajkovski:

We all share the same destiny called Macedonia