Monument “Goce Delchev” - Strumica

Goce Delchev was a visionary, top ideologist, organizer and leader of the Macedonian revolutionary national movement from the end of XIX century and the beginning of XX century. He was a creation of his era and his name personifies the high achievements of the Macedonian generation of the Ilinden period.

In his honour a monument is erected in the center of the town to commemorate a hundred years from his birth, his frequent visits to Strumica and his connection with the members of the Revolutionary Organization from our town. The monument began to be built in 1973 and completed on 11.10.1976. It is dedicated to the eponymous square. The statue is the work of the artist Branko Koneski, while the parterre design is the work of the architect Mirjana Volinec.

The sculpture of Goce Delchev placed on a base is dominant, made of cast bronze, 5,20 meters high, with arms spread towards Pirin and Aegean, symbolizing the call for struggle for liberation. To the left and right of the statue are two side marble canvases in relief with 16 figures of revolutionaries in movement with different face expressions measuring over 2 meters high. On the backside of the marble canvases inscriptions, oaths and correspondences from Goce’s time are written, and on the front side of the monument the famous quote of Goce Delchev is written, whose message raises his cosmopolite view and places him amongst the world’s progressive humanists:

I understand the world solely as a field of cultural competition among the peoples