Monument for the victims of the fire near Strumica - Strumica

The memorial insignia on Blvd. “Marshal Tito” is erected in honour of the heroes of Municipality of Strumica, the brothers Peno and Blazo Stojanovi, Mite Gjorgiev and Vojo Grklanov, who lost their lives extinguishing the fire over the town. The monument is a strong symbol of unforgettingness and it is a work by the Russian sculptor Grigorij Potocki, who portrays the defenders as four birds – four souls which fly towards heaven, represented in Christian manner. The original idea of the sculptor for this monument is based on the Christian and traditional human symbols. In the base of the monument are the flames and hands asking for help. They grow into four birds flying towards heaven. Their rounded heads and beaks resemble the silhouettes of Christian churches, and the wings form crosses.