Monument “A masked Strumichanka” - Strumica

The monument “A masked Strumichanka” or “A masked person” is placed on the “Goce Delchev” square in Strumica. It is made of bronze and contains the aspects and dimensions of the existence of the town of Strumica throughout the time and evidence. Through this work, the town’s contents are united into one thought and symbol.

The monument is work of Natasha Bozarova – Pijanmanova, whose main idea is materialized into a portrait of a fragile woman figure which represents a poetic allegory of the town of Strumica.

Her tenderness, beauty, wisdom and hospitality are the basic characteristics of the town. Her face is tender, dreamy, filled with mildness and beauty, while her body is firm, strong and stable.

She proudly carries in her hands the bright and holy symbols inherited from the ancestors and offers them with dignity to the present and future generations. In her right hand, she is carrying the coat of arms of Strumica as a shield. On the coat of arms, the symbols of the town (the cross, the star, the sun and the mask) are portrayed in relief, which are inherited by the numerous experiences and influences of the civilizations and cultures that intercrossed here. In her left hand, high above the head, she carries a large carnival mask – the symbol of the tradition of many centuries. The figure is dressed in a long robe with elegant but dramatic movement of the ruffles of the drapery which reminds us of an unfurled flag which celebrates the inner and outer grandness of the town of Strumica.