Monument 11th October - Strumica

The day of the National Uprising of the Macedonian people, 11 October (1941) is an important landmark in the struggle for its sovereignty and independence. The uprising was raised against fascism, which started the struggle for liberation of the Macedonian people. On this day, Macedonians pay respect to all the participants in the armed anti-fascist and national liberation uprising. It is our duty as citizens to guard that something, which the soldiers gave their lives for.

This monument is the first memorial erected after the liberation of the territory of Strumica. It was unveiled on 11 October 1949. It is located in the upper part of the small town park, in the city center, and is placed centrally in the park itself. The monument is built of concrete with pyramidal shape and marble plaques on each side engraved with the same text. It has a concrete fence and horticulture arrangements.