Memorial ossuary - Strumica

The memorial ossuary in Strumica was built on the hill Samoranica, 327 m above sea level. The construction started in 1979 and on 4.7.1982 the remains of the fallen soldiers in NOV (National Liberation War) were transferred and placed in the sarcophagus in a ceremony. The remains of Blagoj Jankov Mucheto, Geras Cunev, Sando Masev, Vasil Surchev, Kiril Abrashev, Iljo Shopov, Janko Cvetinov and Dimitar Cvetinov are placed in the sarcophagus. This ossuary is made with white marble by the architect Blagoj Kolev. On the plateau the hall with the sarcophagus made of brown marble is placed. The hall has two entrances and has a semi-circular shape, lit by three sided windows and one central window. The plateau is built like an open amphitheatre, and the marble canvases have a shape of broken chains, unchained slavery.