In memory of the refugees (Bezanci) - Strumica

On 4 July 2010 on a clearing in the Bezansko neighborhood a monument in honour of the refugees from Aegean Macedonia was unveiled, a work by the Academy artist Natasha Bozarova – Pijanmanova. The sculpture is made in human height and cast in bronze which has unlimited durability.

It portrays a woman running away with her children with explicit fear for their endangered lives. The oldest child is grabbing her by her dress, the woman is holding the other child by his arm, and the third is a baby, which she holds in her right arm. Apart from their obvious fleeing, they are turned backwards with longing stare towards their birthplace, which is so far that they cannot see it.

Here, in Strumica and the surrounding villages, they found their shelter, but never reconciled with the fate that they will remain here forever.

In Strumica one part of the town is called Bezansko neighbourhood after the settlers from Kilkis.