“Merata” is an archaeological site located in the village Banica, municipality of Strumica. It is a thermal object of the late ancient period. In 1990 during a digging of a foundation of a house, in the village itself, in the place called “Merata” remains of wall foundations were discovered. The Institute and Museum Strumica did protective excavations immediately after the discovery.

Wall foundations spreading from southeast to northwest have been found 0, 50 meters deep. It is a bigger thermal object, which according to the type of building and inner organization differs from the usual thermae from the late ancient period. The thermal area has four rooms. The tepidarium has a cross shaped base with a square, with parts of the hypocaust of which pillars with irregular square shapes as well as parts of the prefurnium are preserved.

The communication between the rooms was not established as well as the main entrance which should be at the east side of the building. Secondary partitions of stone and mud can be noticed.