Town hall of Municipality of Strumica

The Town Hall building was constructed between 1926 until 1931. The building is located opposite the small town park and represents a three-storey angled building with a balcony protruding out of the building, with Gothic - Romanesque half-pillars, and floral decoration. It has been restored several times. On the ground floor the entrance is angled over which there is a semicircular balcony and administration and trade premises, while on the two storeys the administration premises are located and turned towards the main street.

The building was conceptualized as modern of that time, with specific massive volume and presence of basic facade elements. What is characteristic for that time is that the iconography of the decorative elements of the building were made under visible influence in the style by the West. Today this building is the headquarters of Municipality of Strumica, where the Mayor and many of the local ministries work.