The house of Peevi – village of Veljusa

The house of Peevi in the village Veljusa is built by the hands of the leading masons, a real masterpiece of art in accordance with the spirit of the environment and the way of life.

It is a masterpiece of the old architecture; a building made of bricks and natural materials, where the stone is “reinforcement” of the house, and the big stumps – a wooden construction. The floor of the house is of packed earth and that is why the girders are the thickest there.

The pathway to the house is made of pieces of stone, and the colour of the walls is a mix of earth thrown onto the moist walls creating patterns authentic to the surroundings.

This two-storey house has a basement on the ground floor where the household goods are placed. Here are the chest with clothes, the fat food (meat, cheese, cream), the household dishes, the agricultural tools etc.

From the basement one can directly go into the yard where there is fresh air. There are stairs from the ground floor to the first floor where the housing premises are. The rooms are big and provide pleasant stay and accommodation at every time.

The house on the ground floor has a wide porch for gathering of the livestock, here is the granary, the rooms for placing the household goods, like the chest with clothes, the household dishes, the agricultural tools, the fruit, the vegetable, the wine barrels, the fat, etc.