The house of Mihajlovi - village of Veljusa

This is a two-storey house with a basement where the household goods are placed. Here are the chest with clothes, the fat food (meat, cheese, cream), the household dishes, the agricultural tools etc.

In the basement there are rooms which serve as a small kitchen for the summer period. From the basement one can directly go into the yard where there is fresh air. On the upper floor are the rooms with a wooden plank floor, as well as the balcony which can be called “a house on the open”. Through exterior wooden stairs you can get to the balcony and from there you enter the rooms.

On the balcony during the summer days one can sit on fresh air and during the nights one can sleep. The balcony, as the biggest part of the house, is also used for welcoming guests on different occasions. Under the balcony is the porch from where one can access the rooms on the ground floor and the upper floor.