The house of Hadzitosevi – Strumica

In the old part of the town, on the street “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” no.41, one of the most valuable preserved monuments of old architecture in Strumica from XIX century can be found. This house is a valuable architectonic mark today, where the masons confirmed the unrepeatable touch of the practical and aesthetic by connecting the traditional life of the people. That is the house of the family Hadzitosevi, which is remarkable not only by its size but also by its open balcony. The ground floor is built with stone and used to be a trading part with three rooms, while the other two floors, built in bondruk system, were used for habitation.

The rooms on the floors are aligned along the balcony, with windows overlooking it. The luxurious balcony on the second floor is opened and is overlooking the street, and the monotony of the facade is relived with the balcony protruding out of the house on the side.

The decorative elements on the side facade, like the curved struts, the relief decoration above the windows and the profiled cornice, confirm the influence of the imported European forms. That is very masterfully combined with old home mason tradition, as a rare example in the shaping of the old house in Strumica.