The house of Belotlievi – Strumica

As if the old masons poured their inspiration in front of the house of Belotlievi and we feel honoured when we stop and look at this grandeur architectural piece. The building, the house of Belotlievi, is part of the old urban core of Strumica. Although today it has no function (completely preserved with great damages) it gives the opportunity to comprehend its values and the importance it had in the town in the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century. With the house of Belotlievi we can follow the development of the conception of town buildings, where due to lack of space on the ground the building has several floors. This phenomenon with the houses of the Strumica region is more of a confirmation of a higher status of the family. It is also a confirmation of the high building capabilities of the masons who worked on these houses.

The application of the constructive system on the walls, solid brick on the ground floor and bondur construction on the floor, make the basic characteristic of the outside work of the facade. Although it has no yard, the inner conception satisfies all the needs of the tenants. There is sewage, laundry, porch and everything else for unobstructed flow of the everyday chores.

This type of building in Strumica deserves a special importance on local level as a tourist offer of the town. The preserved original look of the building and the future function which would have after the restoration interventions it would be an attractive building even today and it would present the architectonic heritage of the town.  

The ability to be turned into various space and to continue life in every period, is typically for the house of Belotlievi, which today is important as a source of contemporary inspirations.