Strumica’s Old bazaar – Strumica

The feeling is impressive when you can see the bounteous street of trees which stretches along the street “Marshal Tito”, filled with houses and motifs from the early XX century. The architecture is very rich and strong in contents which allows us to enrich our ideas and convey the splendor onto everyone who will walk along the long street. That is the former Old bazaar of Strumica with around thirteen houses, which as a whole are a material evidence of the development of the urban structure and the historic persistence of our people in this region. It was formed with the building of the houses of the rich tradesmen and craftsmen from Strumica.

Following the style of the building one can notice that the major part of the buildings are built between 1920 – 1935. They convey neoclassical and neo-baroque characteristics. They are manifested through the relief of the facade. The spatial organization of the houses is mainly composed of ground floor and first floor, many of which have a cellar. The ground floor had trading or craftsmen character, with stores on the street itself, and the housing premises were turned towards the back yard. The luxurious candelabra and benches enrich the appearance of the promenade making it an inviting place for get-togethers and walks.